Get started with Address APIs to improve delivery logistics. 

You have probably come across this term APIs many times but are unsure what it means or how it can help your business. API is short for Application Programming Interface. APIs allow a company to borrow a functionality of a third party application into their system. They ensure that businesses save time and money on what it would cost to develop the technology for themselves. This also means that they can focus on their core business. 

The best way for e-commerce businesses to get correct addresses for their delivery is to integrate with Address APIs.

How our APIs works 

Addressya Address APIs for e-commerce allow businesses to access accurate customer addresses at a click of a button. An Addressya address is complete with a GPS coordinate, photos, and descriptions of locations. Address APIs reduce the need for lengthy phone calls and misunderstandings in communicating the delivery route. 

For example, with an Addressya account, customers of e-commerce platforms can share their addresses fast and safely at checkout. All that is needed is the personal username on Addressya (that contains all user address information and contact details). The user is always in charge and decides which company to share the details with and for how long. 

You can integrate our APIs, or if you are on any of the e-commerce platforms OpenCart or WooCommerce, you can use our plugins. Additionally, they are easy to download, plug and play and you will be up and running in 5 minutes. 

Why work with Addressya Address APIs

Quality addresses improve service delivery and reduce costs. For example, verifying addresses through traditional methods, i.e. calling each customer for directions, is costly and time-consuming. In addition, making it convenient to use your service improves the chances of getting a happy customer eager to use your services a second time. However, on the other hand, negative reviews can affect current and future business potential of gaining a lifelong customer.

To conclude, accurate location data and addresses, eCommerce delivery, and logistical services can be better planned and make the most of the time at hand. In addition, investing in an automation system like Addressya improves your logistics, gives your customers a better experience, and boosts revenue.  

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