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4 billion people, countless businesses and governments worldwide suffer from the lack of good quality addresses.

Addresses are part of the essential infrastructure necessary for society to work, and key to accessing essential products and services, products on the world market and access to financial services. It increases transparency and efficiency in business and government.

Together with our partners we contribute to 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a more inclusive society.

In 2013, Karoline Beronius, the CEO of Addressya was involved in the development of e-health solutions for improved health service delivery in Uganda. The objective was to ensure that children were fully vaccinated and that adequate vaccination coverage was achieved in the community. The team soon realised that the lack of retrievable records, structured registration of children and the availability of accurate data posed major obstacles to achieving the objectives. At the time, ID cards were non-existent and the health sector was  heavily reliant on decentralised paper records..

To ascertain that the children were followed up for full immunisation, with the right vaccination at the right time, the team developed a solution for efficient registration and follow up. Many of the unique identifiers reminded Karoline of address labels. 

She realised that the team had almost developed a customised addressing solution for this specific project and that a new similar system would be needed for every future project. This would not be effective. An infrastructural approach was needed. 

In researching the challenge she came to learn that 4 billion people, countless businesses and governments worldwide are suffering from the lack of addresses.

A global challenge requires a global solution! 

In 2017, Addressya was founded by Karoline Beronius and Maria Cheadle with the purpose of developing a solution to this global addressing challenge.

To guide the development of a sustainable business model, they decided on three core values. 

Addressya must be free for individuals as they believe it is a civil right to have an address. The privacy of the individual must be protected at all times. And, as addressing is part of basic infrastructure it needs to be accessible and useful for all people, businesses and governments in all areas, regardless of whether it is city centres, rural or suburban areas. 

We believe having an address is a civil right!


Our mission is to impact 1 billion people, businesses and organisations through good quality addresses by World Post Day 2030

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