Capture high quality addresses

Increase the quality of the address data captured to improve your delivery, logistics and e-commerce with an integrated addressing service

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Accurate, transparent and easy to use

Addressya takes the guesswork out of the delivery and distribution. Our platform facilitates fast and reliable delivery, bundling of services, and transparency in processes. With accurate and relevant data you are in the driver’s seat to optimise your operations.

Products to optimise your business

E-commerce: Capture high quality address data, onboard clients and drivers, assign the nearest driver or agent for efficient delivery of products and services. 
Duty of Care: Uptodate, accurate and easily accessible information about drivers, agents, retailers and partners.
Trackit: Track and visualise vehicles for planning, monitoring and optimising operations.

Apps and APIs

You can choose to power your existing systems by integrating our APIs, or use our extensions for common e-commerce platforms. If you are at the beginning of your digitalisation journey, the Addressya app gets you started.

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Manage your locations

Visualise and manage branches and locations to get customers and partners through the right door at the right time.

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Connect identity and location

Increased control, reduced risk and improved decision making with addresses linked to identity.

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