How Addressya Is Helping Delivery Businesses And Customers

Without a functional address, home delivery is complicated. Think about the times that your delivery has been late or the company has called you several times to ask for directions and the driver went the wrong way despite directions you provided. It’s time-consuming and frustrating when such things happen. There are additional costs linked to delayed or lost packages for businesses, not excluding the potential that customers might be hesitant to use your service because it’s too much trouble. In 2021, with delivery as an essential service and a backbone of the economy, the need for accurate addresses to make delivery services more accessible, easy and time-saving is more apparent. 

Addressya has designed products tailored for businesses that wish to find their customers. Any type of business that offers delivery as their primary service or those who want to verify their customers’ addresses can integrate the Addressya API.  Some of the best examples of business use cases for our API services are food delivery, e-commerce, and service installations.

One of the first platforms to implement the address integration for their deliveries is Hot loaf Bakery, based in Kampala, Uganda. Hot loaf uses Addressya in the checkout process, where customers simply share their Addressya username and don’t have to fill in multiple fields. The address registered on the user’s account is automatically shared with Hot loaf upon confirmation from the user that they want to share their address. Both Hot loaf and their customers can have a better delivery experience when drivers can easily find their way.

The product team at Addressya developed the API tool to feature logistics management, incorporating dispatch into the functionality of API. This feature cuts the time spent on contacting the driver with information about the customer address. We believe this will help improve the way that delivery works for companies, with the successful integration of Hot loaf as an indication that the future of delivery in East Africa is accurate digital addresses.