Addressya’s OpenCart Extension for E-Commerce

May 18, 2021

Addressya now has a plugin for the e-commerce platform OpenCart. The Addressya for E-commerce extension which is available on OpenCart Marketplace is one of the tools tailored for e-commerce businesses that want accurate addresses for their deliveries using Addressya. We have developed a plugin for the widely used online store management tool OpenCart making our addressing solution accessible to a large portion of e-commerce sites.

To access accurate addresses using Addressya, it is necessary to first download and install OpenCart onto your website. With the plugin, e-commerce sites using OpenCart get a smoother checkout process that is a simple one field username checkout and more efficient delivery management.

Features and Admin Functions

When a shopper checks out of an online store using their Addressya username, they receive a notification in the Addressya app that the business has requested access to their address information. This verification step ensures that the privacy of the user’s address is maintained. The address information that the Addressya user provides is stored in the backend of the OpenCart store manager and is accessible through the admin view. 

The second feature of the plugin is delivery management which means the admin can assign drivers and shares the customer location in one step. The driver can access this on our android app or web app using any browser and view directions that will take them right to the customer location. The result is a seamless process for the customer who is ordering online from checkout to delivery. 

Becoming more precise with address collection decreases delivery time, reduces costs and makes customers happier with the experience of using your platform. Download and install the Addressya for E-commerce extension on OpenCart Market Place.