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Use our software to improve efficiency and control of all your locations, and leverage the value of high quality addresses for your unique business needs

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Efficient, instant and easy to use

The Addressya digital addressing platform empowers your team with a single source of truth for management of all your location data. Our tools are easy to use updates are instant. Your addresses can be used in marketing campaigns or you can make them visible in a business directory complete with smart search and categorisation. Adding the business directory to your website only takes a minute.

Products to manage and make the most of your locations

Digital addressing platform: Onboard, handle access rights, manage, share and visualise addresses. 
Address collection links and tools: a simple way to collect and create good quality addresses.
Premium addresses: smart and accessible addresses combining GPS, available address data, images, and unique directions.
Unique links to every address: share easily and include in invitations and campaigns to guide your customers and visitors right.
Business directory: internal or external directory added to your website or app to make it easy for visitors to get to the right location.

Apps and integrations

You can manage your organisations in the Addressya web and mobile applications, or use our APIs to integrate the functionality with your existing systems. 

Talk to us to find out how Addressya will improve your bottom line. 

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​Effortless efficiency and control of your locations

Single source of truth for the entire organisation

Visuali​se​ your addresses to make better informed decisions

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High quality addresses

Benefit from high quality address data for fast and efficient delivery, logistics and e-commerce.

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Connect identity and location

Increased control, reduced risk and improved decision making with addresses linked to identity.

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