What can we do for your business?

Small and medium-sized enterprises

By using Addressya, small and medium enterprises can overcome the challenges associated with the lack of accurate addressing data. 

With our solution, businesses can expand their customer reach, save time, and increase the success of their marketing campaigns.

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Banking, Insurance and Fintech

Addressya supports banks, insurance and fintech companies to improve the collection of accurate and complete address information for efficient onboarding and management of clients and agents.

Proof of address and address rating improves KYC and collection processes.

Our business APIs unlock the power of our addressing platform and allow integration with internal systems. We have plugins for common e-commerce platforms.

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NGOs and Government

NGOs and governments face challenges in delivering equitable access to goods and services. With Addressya, you get up-to-date location data for efficient service delivery, planning, and logistics. 

Our APIs seamlessly integrate with your systems, and our customised directory can be quickly added to your website, putting location information at the fingertips of both staff and citizens. 

With Addressya, you can streamline your processes and ensure access for all.

Technology partners

We partner with transformational service providers with the vision to improve access to goods and services and the quality of service delivery. 

Our partners can leverage the benefits of a digital addressing infrastructure without having to develop and maintain it themselves.

We build on the strengths of our partners’ technology and have APIs available for integration.



High quality addresses

Benefit from high quality address data for fast and efficient delivery, logistics and e-commerce.

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Manage your locations

Visualise and manage branches and locations to get customers and partners through the right door at the right time.

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Connect identity and location

Increased control, reduced risk and improved decision making with addresses linked to identity.

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