Today World Post Day marks 9 years to Agenda 2030 when Addressya wants everyone to have an address!

9th October – World Post Day 2021. Only 9 years to go until the World will sum up the result of Agenda 2030 and UN SDGs. Addressya’s own mission is to make sure that everybody can have a good quality address by World Post Day 2030 and get access to goods and services!

Many of you might have never heard of it but this global observance complements celebrations across countries and conferences are held to acknowledge this special day.  The objective of the Union has been to increase awareness of global communication and trade along with postal services worldwide. The aim from the start has been to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mails around the world.

At Addressya we want to make sure that on World Post Day 2030 every phone carrying adult should be able to register a precise, complete and easy to use address, and use it to get access to private and public goods and services, and new opportunities.’

Karoline Beronius, CEO Addressya

Without an address, individuals cannot get a bank account, insure their families or property, and have limited access to other essential services. The staggering truth is that there are 4 billion people, businesses, and governments worldwide that suffer from the lack of addresses. This means that individuals do not have access to goods and services, and businesses and governments cannot reach all people. We are changing that! We have developed Addressya to rectify this issue of lack of addresses. We want to improve individuals’ access to public and private goods and services and improve lives by providing access to opportunities, inclusion, partnerships, and trade through better quality addresses. We believe having an address is a civil right, and we will never charge individuals for that. To businesses and organisations, we supply Addressing as a Service. 

Even in this digital era, many countries are largely dependent on postal services for their global communication and trade. The Covid-19 pandemic has also put this challenge on the map. The postal services made headway to delivering everything from healthcare equipment to hospitals to making day-to-day deliveries to individuals and businesses. Everyone should have the basic right to home delivery of essential goods and services, to be found in an emergency, finding health services and pharmacies when out in an unknown area. These delivery and emergency services are possible only with an accurate postal address in place. The postal sector is contributing to the social and economic development of countries to make them more connected within and outside their boundaries. Smart addressing through Addressya ensures that goods are delivered to accurate locations of individuals and businesses, which saves time, money, and resources.

Today, we are acknowledging World Post Day 2021, and the fact that we have 9 years to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals address the global challenges being faced and act as a model for achieving a more sustainable and better future for all. Achieving UN SDGs will be impossible without the essential infrastructure in place. Addressing infrastructure is an essential part of that, but costly and time-consuming to implement. Addressya was developed to bridge the gap, to connect people who have an address with those who do not, and connect people in cities with those in the countryside and informal settlements. Addressya leapfrogs development in this area and contributes to the SDGs by making it possible to register people, businesses, and property and increasing transparency and efficiency in business and governance. We want to be an enabler for individuals, organizations, companies, and authorities to deliver goods and services to all people and create a more inclusive society.

Universal Postal Union has served us globally for more than 146 years and is one of the world’s oldest organizations and became a specialized agency of the UN in 1948. The postal services have always been vital in delivering goods and services. The postal sector is contributing greatly to the social and economic development of countries to make them more connected than ever before. The postal industry has come out stronger to define its role in the modern world! Like other industries, postal services have also faced many challenges amid the pandemic and incredible achievement has been the ability to innovate and supplement air transport with the establishment of new routes to keep the mail flowing between the continents.

‘During the pandemic, postal workers have been viewed as essential workers; courageously making the rounds in the face of the deadly virus. The delivery of medicines and medical equipment via post has gone a long way to help vulnerable, sick and isolated individuals’

Director-General, the Universal Postal Union

At Addressya, we believe that post offices around the world should be able to provide essential services to anyone anywhere, during the pandemic and beyond.

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