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– your key to access & opportunities!


Have you ever had trouble finding your way or giving directions to your house?

We have the solution to help you locate people and places. It is free!

it is easy as 1, 2, 3!

All you need is your smartphone. Download the app and simply create your profile. With Addressya you can share your address with friends or organisations whenever you like, and for as long as you like. You decide!

Connect & Share 

a complete, precise and easy to use address


  • is easy to use

  • is free for individuals

  • cares about your privacy

Why Addressya?


Create an address that is adequate, complete and easy to share with others


With this app, all you need to remember is your phone number and username


We care about your privacy. You decide who to share with and for how long.



Ιt is and will always be free for individuals. Having an address is a civil right

Stories without Addressya

New addresses don’t work yet!

Taxi driver,

driving in Kampala!

“It used to be… orange!”


travelling in Costa Rica!

You need to be really patient!


taxi driver in Uganda!

Addressing as a Service 

Our business solution Addressing as a Service (™), will be available soon. Businesses can use our API to reduce the cost of delivery and distribution, increase efficiency and provide access to new customers and markets.

Accurate addresses are an important part of the basic information needed to ensure effective communication between individuals, governments, and organisations. Our business solution brings values to all companies and organisations dependent on accurate addresses. Want to know more?