When shopping online, people are looking for convenience. Online shopping makes it possible to pick through thousands of options from the comfort of one’s home and get products delivered right to their doorstep. 

So naturally, e-commerce platforms should be designed to create the most convenient customer experience. But unfortunately, checkout, which is a pivotal part of the online shopping experience, is often more complex and lengthier than desirable. 

Addressya APIs and plugins are the solutions to the problem of lengthy address checkout with a quick one-field checkout procedure.

Disadvantages of a lengthy checkout process

Higher chance of cart abandonment

Having a long address checkout is time-consuming. Statistics show that many people are more likely to leave a cart if a long process is involved in checking out. 18% of people abandon their shopping cart because of a long and complicated checkout process. 

Increased chance of incorrect information

Another common way that lengthy checkouts affect eCommerce business is a higher chance of adding incorrect information. There are common mistakes when filling in online forms if there are many fields to fill in. As a result, 20% of online addresses contain errors which amount to revenue losses of billions of dollars each year. 

Unfortunately, this error is not as easy to fix because when there’s a mistake, it can be harder to return to the correct details once the customer has placed an order.

Addressya address capture at checkout

Image showing Addressya checkout 

Addressya only requires customers to add a username to fill in their address at checkout. The address is already stored on their Addressya profile. 

Anyone can create an address and keep it through their Addressya account for future use. Addressya captures the rich address data built on Addressya. Address data includes GPS coordinates, a picture of the locations and directions.

Getting started with  Addressya 

Addressya is here to improve the online checkout experience for your customers. You can integrate with Addressya APIs on your platforms and provide your customers with the convenience of one field address capture. 

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