Now you can save space on your phone by using the Addressya progressive web app (PWA), which turns our web application into a mobile version. 

This new feature allows you to experience the full functionality of the Addressya web application like creating an address for your business and phone. This article will guide you on how you can access the PWA to have the Addressya lite app on your phone. 

What you can do on Addressya PWA 

Addressya web application allows individuals and businesses to create, manage and share accurate addresses. 

Businesses can create a profile and add one or thousands of locations to make it easier for customers to find their location without getting lost. 

Addressya gives businesses the option to assign admins to keep all addresses and contact information updated. Learn more about creating your address here.

How to access Addressya PWA

Google Chrome Android users 

Open on your Chrome browser. Some android phones will get a popup to have Addressya on your home screen. If you do not see this, press the three dots menu and find the “Add to Home screen” option.  

Google launcher 

For android users, you can also simply download the launcher on Google Play which will add the lite app to your device. 

Android phones- how to  add Addressya web app  on your home screen:

iOS Devices

Open on your iOS device browser. Navigate to the bottom menu and select the share icon. When you press the share button, you will see the option to add to the home screen.

Now you are ready to share all your locations and create addresses. The PWA makes it easier for businesses can create share and manage their locations

For individuals, the web app provides access to the Addressya business directory to find businesses and connect and share your address with friends and family. 

Click here to get started.

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