Aug 20, 2021

When people buy locally, they support local businesses and entrepreneurs, create jobs, and build the national economy. Soko Uganda is facilitating this with their online eCommerce platform exclusively made for vendors of Ugandan products and services. For the consumer, the platform makes local products more accessible by also providing delivery services. Soko Uganda is an example of the Buy Uganda Build Uganda initiatives launched by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in 2014 to promote products and services of Ugandan origin.

Soko Uganda recently integrated Addressya on its eCommerce platform to get accurate delivery locations for their delivery. Soko Uganda, Addressya and other local public and private stakeholders support the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda initiative and the BUBU Fashion and Billboard Awards which recognise and promote Ugandan musicians and creators for their essential role in promoting made in Uganda products.

“I would like to thank Soko Uganda and the Ministry of Trade for embracing a digital platform like Addressya to partner in this noble cause of growing and developing Ugandan products. We continue to seek more partnerships to accurately register the business addresses of traders and stakeholders at large. Our product is a necessity and not a luxury, please come aboard ”.

– Stephen Okiria 

Create your address accurately anywhere in Uganda and use it while checking out to get easy service delivery on the Soko Uganda platform. To get an easy to use and share address you can download Addressya on Google Play, or go to our web app. Use it on  Soko Uganda to purchase all made in Uganda products.