Addressya for Business: How To Share and Display your Addressya address

July 22, 2021

This article will help you know how you can display and share your Addressya address with customers and how a customer can share their address with you for convenient home delivery.

Sharing and displaying your business  address

Using Addressya for your business makes it easier to direct customers using your username or unique links.  The link provides the added advantage to make it visible on many platforms and it allows your customers to directly click on the link to take them to your address page. You don’t have to worry if your customer has not installed the Addressya application. Addressya’s dynamic links take the user either to the Addressya app if they have it installed on their android device or the web version accessible from any browser. 

When displaying Addressya business address, add the link to your address anywhere where a customer can find it easily. You can also add the link on your website and share it on your social media profiles, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and in email communications. Most customers come into contact with your social media, so it is essential to add it to all your profiles. 

Making appointments smoother

We spoke to businesses that schedule appointments and they reported spending time on calls directing customers to appointments while most customers arrived late. With your accurate digital addresses from Addressya, you have the solution to help customers locate and navigate to their appointments easily and save time. Provide customers with your username and add your Addressya link with your booking confirmations whether you send them through email or via WhatsApp.

Customer to business sharing

You can make faster deliveries with accurate customer addresses and provide a better service delivery experience. Customers can share their Addressya username which you can effortlessly search on the platform or share their unique address link. For businesses that have online checkout systems, you can integrate with Addressya to give customers the option of checking out with their Addressya username. Drivers will be able to use the navigation feature on the platform to easily locate the delivery location. To protect the privacy of users, approval is needed anytime someone wants to access to view a user’s address and the user can also stop sharing at any time. 

Display your business address to get the most out of Addressya for business services. If you do not already have a business account you can register and create your address at