The lack of addresses affects women and equality!

Mar 8, 2019 | All, News

International Women’s Day 2019 is all about thinking equal, building smart, innovating for change! How does this relate to addresses you might wonder?

Addresses are part of essential infrastructure and support effective communication around location. Map Project has developed Addressya, which is an app that allows individuals to create a precise, complete and easy to use address. A personal account on Addressya includes address information that can be easily shared with individuals and organisations, as well as GPS coordinates, which enable effectively geotagged data at the point of service delivery.

Gender and geotagged data make women visible in statistics(!) and allows for transparent and accurate communication around gaps and inequalities: How many children attend school in a certain area, how many are boys and how many are girls? How many have access to quality health services, and how many women have access to health services related to family planning, pregnancy, and maternal health? How many crimes are reported in a certain area, and how many of them are solved, for women or for men?

Accurate geotagged information helps paint the big picture by providing the details -what are the gaps in service delivery, what is the relation between access to opportunities between women and men in a certain area. This type of detailed information supports the effective allocation of resources, development of appropriate interventions and follow up of the result.

We want Addressya to empower women and help reduce inequality, after all, we are a woman’s place!