The Global Challenge of Addressing 

May 26, 2021

Addressing is a challenge that is overlooked but has a significant impact on how people access goods and services. Think about the value of the address to your life; if you receive mail, groceries to your doorstep, and can give your address information when it’s required, then you can imagine the challenge of not having an address.

For half of the world’s population, and more prevalently in developing countries, this is a daily challenge. Many people describe their location as seen above, and this poses the disadvantages that the address is not specific nor easy to communicate to people. In countries like Rwanda and Uganda, where people live on unnamed streets and houses, this is commonplace, and it becomes more challenging to make fair access to goods and services possible. 

Who is affected by this

Individuals without addresses are struggling to access goods and services requiring an address, e.g. home delivery, and financial services that need to verify a person’s home location.  However, the lack of functional and quality addresses affects many stakeholders, not only private individuals. Businesses are also affected because they have no easy way to share their address with customers. Governments and non-profit organisations have a challenge finding civilians and thinking about making their services more visible. And the list goes on. 

The  Solution 

Addressya is a digital addressing platform that allows anyone to create an address. Using GPS mapping, enhanced with pictures and directions, both businesses and individuals can create a precise address. Addressya makes it possible to pin your location and share it with anyone and allows you to create a list of connections. Addressya also provides software integrations (API’s) that businesses can integrate into their platforms for easier customer check-out (e-commerce). Addressya’s integrations also make it easier to find delivery locations.

Why digital solutions

Thanks to the ongoing digitization, digital-based solutions can answer many problems, even the challenge of addresses. Most adults carry some type of cell phone, which has increased mobile usage and made digital products more accessible. Addressya gives people a digital address that they can set up quickly and share as many times as they want.


Addresses can help to boost the economy and make public and private services more available. Our vision is to impact 1 billion lives by 2030 by helping people to find or get found on our platform. We are partnering with government institutions to make public services visible on Addressya. We have also integrated with businesses in the delivery sector and aim to integrate with more e-commerce platforms— you, too, can partner with us. Learn more by visiting our website!