Precise, complete, and easy to use addresses for everyone.

Half of the world’s population suffers from the lack of addresses, which means lost opportunities and lack of access to goods and services for billions of people.

Addressya lets anyone create a complete, precise, and easy-to-use address that is safe and easy to share.

Accurate Addresses, powered by Addressya, Made by you.

With Addressya, businesses and organizations can reach everyone with goods and services. You can find citizens and customers for delivery at their location, or make it easy for them to find you.

Addressya’s business solutions have many use cases

Last Mile Delivery

Businesses providing home delivery easily locate customers and manage logistics


More people are getting quality addresses and accessing financial services

Service installation

Companies plan installations more efficiently with accurate customer addresses


Health clinics and blood donation centers are registering for greater accessibility

Government Services

Citizens can easily find essential services nearby and be found by emergency services


NGOs partner with us for reliable address information when delivering assistance