How to use Addressya for Soko Uganda deliveries

Ordering on Soko? Start using Addressya and get your Buy Uganda products delivered to your doorstep. Follow the steps below and learn how to use Addressya for smoother checkout and delivery.

For Android

For All Devices

1. If you don’t have it, get the Addressya app

Get Addressya on Google Play or use the web version for iOS and other devices. Choose a username and create your address. Addressya uses GPS to get your location, add directions, and a photo of your house or building to complete your address.

2.Enter your Addressya username under Billing Details

When you’ve completed your order on Soko Uganda, enter your Addressya username under Billing Details and click verify. Soko Uganda will send a request to share your address.

3. Accept the request to share address with Soko Uganda

You will get a notification in the Addressya app to share your address with Soko Uganda. This is to protect your privacy. Accept and await a smooth delivery without lost packages or spending time giving directions!

Visit Soko Uganda now and start shopping. Use your Addressya username to share your address. 

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