We support

The Sustainable

Development Goals



At Addressya, we have our mind set on 9th October 2030 – World Post Day. On this day all people who want to have a digital street address will have one! Organizations, companies, and authorities worldwide have used us as an enabler to deliver goods and services to all people and create a more inclusive society.

Addressya wants to help businesses and organisations expand their services to the African continent and strengthen collaboration and trade relations. Together we can make a real change to ensure that people have access to goods, services and new opportunities!

Addressya supplies business APIs for integration with existing solutions, as well as offering a platform for the development of new solutions. Get in touch to find out how you can use our platform to develop new services for socio-economic development in contribution to the UN Sustainable Development. Addressya makes a difference for goals 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17 as set out below:


Addressya improves efficiency in business and opens up markets for inclusive and sustainable growth. Efficiency in last-mile delivery benefits gig-workers who often bear the cost of inefficient deliveries.


Addressing systems are costly and time consuming to implement. Addressya provides an instant solution, connecting cities, with the countryside and suburban areas, & provides a platform for innovation.

SDG 10

Addressya empowers individuals as citizens and consumers by enabling them to communicate their address for identification and service delivery. Geotagged information supports just allocation of resources.

SDG 11

Addressya gives access where addressing infrastructure is lacking. Citizens can communicate about a location of inefficiencies, and get access to home delivery of essential goods and services in a time of crises.

SDG 16

Addresses are essential for accessing the rule of law, police assistance, and emergency services. They facilitate more efficient birth registration and make the development of property and land registration possible.

SDG 17

Addressya enables efficiency in location and identification. This strengthens transparency and enables trade, distribution & international development cooperation for sustainable development.

Addresses and personal data are sensitive information. The processing of such data is connected with considerable risk for individuals and those responsible. Addressya enables efficient collaboration without compromising the privacy of individuals and is developing all services based on privacy by design and default as required and regulated by the EU GDPR.