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Our WooCommerce plugins and APIs will provide you with a strong toolbox necessary to boost your KYC processes by consistently checking your customers’ address information if you provide subscription services, credit, and post-payment and wish to lower your risk of defaulting payments. verifying your customer’s address data.

Get Started with Addressya APIs and improve your delivery process by making it smoother in the checkout

Learn more about Addressya for OpenCart extension for simplified checkout and accurate delivery locations

Have a wordpress website? Addressya for Woocommerce plugin for simplified checkout and accurate delivery locations

Get started with customized directory integration to visualize your locations.

Integrate your digital business solutions with the Addressya APIs for a more efficient location-based service delivery and a better customer experience!

Addressya’s integration is the reliable location service for digital platforms. Find customer locations easily, and save time and money in the process with access to:


  • Precise and up-to-date customer addresses. 
  • Fast and cost-efficient, two-step address sharing.


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