Our Vision

Our vision

Our ambition is to improve access to opportunities, inclusion, partnerships, and trade through better quality addresses.

‘On World Post Day, 9th October 2030, any phone carrying adult will be able to register a complete, precise and easy to use address and use it to get access to new opportunities, private and public goods and services.’

We have developed Addressya, a digital addressing platform that makes it possible to register a precise, complete, and easy to use address. Once created, the address can be shared with individuals, businesses & authorities with full control over your personal data.

We believe having an address is a civil right and that it is important for equal access to public and private goods and services. Everyone has the right to a functional address. We will never charge private individuals for this!

Addressya is solving one of the largest pains of businesses; finding, and being found, by their customers. We save valuable time, costs for the delivery, unnecessary refunds, and help improve the customer journey and so customer satisfaction and loyalty. We offer Addressing as a service to businesses and organizations.

Working at Addressya

We are an international team with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and local offices in Kigali, Rwanda, and Kampala, Uganda.

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