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How does the GDPR hold up in East Africa?

May 7, 2018 | Blog

Privacy, Security and Trust are important to us!

We always develop with the integrity of the individual users at the centre. We have designed our system so that our users know exactly what personal information is collected and are in charge of using and sharing it. This is in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides a strong framework for protection of the individual and their personal information.  

We wanted to check out how our development holds up in East Africa. In March, we took the opportunity to hold an event including a workshop on Privacy, Security and Trust at kLab Innovation HUB in Kigali, Rwanda. The aim was to understand how individuals approach questions of integrity and sharing of their personal information and what they expect from companies processing it.

Out of three workshops this was the busiest with more than 20 participants. The participants were very active and it was clear that integrity and data protection was important to them. Most people thought that there is no way that integrity and data security could be guaranteed and that they would have to live with that fact and would share their address anyway. A small group of people said they would not share their address as they did not trust it would be safe.

“Then we demoed our application” says Lina Modin Larsson, GDPR Compliance Officer at Map Project and explains: “several of the participants asked why we did not start by demoing. They were reassured to see that they are in charge of who can see their address.”

After some general discussion on Privacy, Security and Trust, our assumptions that the EU GDPR provides a good framework for developing a global solution handling personal information were yet again confirmed.

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