How Accurate Addresses can Boost Emerging E-commerce Sector In Rwanda And Uganda

June 21, 2021



What’s influencing the growth of e-commerce in East Africa?

E-Commerce in East Africa is booming. The sector has emerged over a short period thanks to the increase in internet use; more people are ordering online. Mobile money payments have also made it easier to make transactions and pay for goods and services online. The e-commerce activities you can find include food, retail and wholesale, small and medium enterprises using the internet to sell their products. In Rwanda, government services have also largely moved online. 

The sector continues to expand due to the Covid 19 pandemic as people stay at home and need goods to be delivered to them. In addition, more businesses moved online as a means of survival. For example, in Uganda and Rwanda, service providers cut mobile money fees at the start of the pandemic to support business and consumers with the move to the digital economy.


Improving addressing to boost e-commerce businesses 


Home delivery is more of a task because of inadequate address information. For example, an address may have a  street name, but the house number may be missing, and people who live in informal settlements are excluded. Current GPS solutions also don’t fulfil all the needs of a complete address, and many times coordinates, if not appropriately marked, can take delivery drivers to the wrong location. 

Addressya helps e-commerce platforms access accurate and precise address information with added qualities that make the addresses complete and easy to use. Users on our platform enrich their address with pictures and detailed directions in addition to GPS mapping. With our API’s and extensions, e-commerce platforms can collect accurate addresses from registered users on our platform, making the process of delivering goods safely and on time to customers’ doorstep smoother.

Our API features also allow an admin to assign deliveries to drivers with the accurate address provided, empowering the delivery driver with the precise address to reduce their time looking for customers. 

If you’re an e-commerce business and you want to learn more about how you can use Addressya. Learn more here.