Precise, complete, and easy to use addresses for everyone.

Half of the global population suffers from the lack of addresses, which means lost opportunities and lack of access to goods and services for billions of people.

Addressya lets anyone create a complete, precise, and easy-to-use address that is safe and easy to share.

Accurate addresses, powered by Addressya, made by you.

With Addressya, businesses and organisations can reach everyone with goods and services. You can find citizens and customers for delivery at their location, or make it easy for them to find you.

Our Products

Business address

If you have a business with a storefront and customers need to find your location, a digital business address that is easy to create and share is what you need! List your business on Addressya for Business today.

E-commerce and delivery

If you sell products or services online and need to deliver to customers, our API integrations will give you accurate locations, a simplified check-out procedure, and delivery driver assignment. 

Personal address

A digital address from Addressya is completely free, easy to create, share, and find. Order products online with a simple username, and stop worrying about helping delivery drivers with directions!

Our Mission - We make good quality addresses a civil right and provide a platform for businesses, organisations and government actors to efficiently deliver goods and services to people.

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