Efficient communication
of location for success in
the market!


Find your customers
with ease and efficiency

Be found

Make it easy for your
customers to find you


Integrate Addressya to
power your business

Businesses dependent on good quality addresses use Addressya to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction!

  • Register once, share your addresses as
    many times as you like
  • Connect with individuals and businesses
  • Control access to you address
  • Increase efficiency through improved
    planning and logistics
  • Reduce detours and improve time
    and cost efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction through ease communication around place and location
  • Increase revenue through visibility
  • Increase the number of guests by making your easy
    to reach venue the go-to meeting place
  • Manage all your locations with ease
  • Integrate with CRM, ERP, logistics system or other company solutions

Privacy and convenience

We put the individual at the centre and they are always in control
of their personal address data and decide with whom to share it
and for how long.

Addresssya is modern convenience. With access to good quality
address data you can improve business efficiency and your
customers’ experience!