Display all your locations with Addressya customised directory (Branch locator)

  April 28th, 2022

As an organisation with many locations, it can be difficult to easily direct customers to find the nearest and most convenient way to access your services. Addressya’s customised directory (branch locator) offers a simple way to display all your locations and makes it easy for a customer to navigate to the nearest location. 

Why opt for a branch locator for your business

Whether you are a bank with thousands of branches and independent agents or an insurance company or retail, having an effective branch locator will save you time and money. Locating your branch as convenient as possible also ensures that your business does not lose customers to competitors. Once customers know where your stores are found, they’re one step closer to walking through your door. 

How the customised directory works as your branch locator 

With Addressya’s customised directory, your business can add a sophisticated branch locator to your website, allowing customers to get directions and find your nearest location. While browsing the branch locator, the locator will estimate the distance from the customer’s location. 

You can also add information such as open and close times. Customers can also search for a specific store name and filter by opening hours. 

Customers will also be able to interact with the map. For example, by clicking on a specific branch, customers can see the picture of the location and detailed information about the address, including contact information. 

In addition, the customised directory is mobile-responsive, which means it fits the screen of any smartphone.  

Sorting by different services

“Open and closed” tags for all locations.

When customers click on  a location pin

How to create a customised directory for your business?

Are you a bank, insurance company, or a B2C business with multiple branches, agents, or stores? This customised directory is for you. Book a demo now, and our sales teams for Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa will reach out to you!