Customer Service Week– Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Easy Location Communication

Oct 8, 2021

This week is Global Customer Service week (4-8 October 2021), which celebrates the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. 

In many countries, a typical customer service challenge is inadequate addressing infrastructure, which affects customer service in two main ways. 

When a customer does not know how to find a business’s location.

We conducted a survey conducted among medium and small-sized businesses in Rwanda, and the result came back that companies average 18 calls a week asking for directions to their premises. The task of directing them often falls onto customer service workers who spend a lot of time on the phone explaining the way to the premises.  This is a hassle for the customer, and a waste of time for the customer service workers, time which could be spent on what really matters; serving the customer and promoting the company.

When a customer can not share their address for delivery

It is equally a challenge for customers to communicate their address to businesses, particularly for home delivery. Customers get frustrated when they receive numerous calls from lost delivery drivers and will be less eager to return to the same service provider. Customers want to communicate their location with simplicity and accuracy and not worry about the drivers finding them, being disturbed by many calls, or their packages arriving late. 

There is a solution! Addressya makes the job of customer service workers easier while improving the customer experience. 

Here’s how we do that:

An Addressya business address is accurate and easy to share through media platforms. You can easily integrate it on your website or social media pages to ensure that customers can always find the location. Your customers simply click your address link and navigate to your location without asking for directions.

 For delivery, Addressya API’s, WoCommerce plugin, and OpenCart extension can be easily integrated on eCommerce platforms and allow customers to share their accurate addresses in seconds instead of filling in the many address fields. Smoother checkout is better customer service.

Customer service and the people who work in this field play a significant role in the success of companies. Giving them an easier way to communicate location makes their jobs easier and the customer’s experience much more satisfying.

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