Addressya is getting ready for expansion, looking to recruit European top talents!

Oct 14, 2019 | All, News, Press releases

Addressya is at INNOVEIT in Budapest looking to recruit European top talents. The company wishes to tap into the innovative and entrepreneurial network of EIT to achieve the mission of addressing the world. Addressya has recently opened a branch in Kigali, Rwanda, and is now looking to scale up development to support fast expansion throughout East Africa.

Addressya was developed in response to the fact that 4 billion people, countless businesses and government agencies all over the world suffer from the lack of addresses. Addressya is an app and a solution that allows everyone to create a complete, precise and easy to use address and then share with people and businesses with full control over their personal data.

At the end of August this year, the first local branch was opened in Kigali, Rwanda, where the mobile application and API products have been launched. Thousands of users have registered during the first month, and demand is rising from local and international businesses, especially within e-commerce and logistics.

To support development and fast expansion, Addressya is looking to strengthen the developers team in Stockholm. Karoline Beronius, CEO of Addressya, is at INNOVEIT as a result of her nomination to EIT Awards:

“I am very happy about my nomination to the EIT Awards and that we have been recognised for our work. The timing for attending INNOVEIT is also great as we are looking to expand the team and are certain that we can find some of our future colleagues through the EIT community.”

The Addressya team is currently looking for react native developers and specialists on APIs and integration. The location is the Stockholm office. The jobs will be announced on Addressya channels within short, and further positions will be added within the next few months.  Working at Addressya requires structure and grit, growth mindset and the ability to work outside one’s comfort zone. 

The current team consists of 12 people, from 8 different countries, working in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sweden. There are 7 women and 5 men in the team.

About Addressya

Addressya is an Android app that allows anyone to register a complete, precise and easy to use address. Registering an address is as easy as one, two, three! All you need is a smartphone with a GPS chip and a data plan/ wifi access. Your Addressya account will contain the exact location of your place and address data from online services. You can add pictures and directions to make it more useful. 

The user is always in charge and decides who to share their personal information with and for how long. Without a user’s explicit permission you can’t access their personal data. 

The service is free for private individuals. For business use, we offer Addressing as a Service, which opens up extra features and functionality for companies through the app or by integrating their logistics or enterprise resource planning system with our APIs.

Addressya reduces costs and increases efficiency for all businesses and organisations dependent on accurate addressing. It works for all sectors of society and connects those who have an official address with those who do not and improves communication between cities, suburban, and rural areas.

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Additional Information

Founded: 2017

Country: Sweden

Team: 12 in total (5 males and 7 females)/ 8 nationalities/ 3 locations

Offices: Headquarters in Stockholm. Branch in Kigali Rwanda. Developers office in Uganda.

Vision: By 2030 all phone carrying adults can create a complete, precise and easy to use address to get access to public and private goods and services!

Mission: Building a global digital addressing system for the 4 billion people, countless businesses and government agencies affected by inadequate addressing infrastructure.

Privacy: Addressya cares about the privacy of the individual, and our solutions are developed based on privacy by design and default in line with the GDPR.

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Karoline Beronius, CEO & Co-Founder

Tel/WhatsApp: +46 733 100 670