Addressya for WooCommerce

July 14, 2021

WooCommerce is a plugin that turns any WordPress site into a powerful e-commerce platform. With 3.8 million users, WooCommerce is one of the leading open-source e-commerce tools available. Addressya has created a plugin for WooCommerce to give e-commerce companies access to precise delivery locations enriched with pictures and directions provided by the Addressya user. 

Addressya also provides shoppers with a smoother checkout process on your site with the one field address checkout and simplified driver dispatch for more efficient home deliveries. The Addressya for WooCommerce plugin can only be activated when the business has already installed WooCommerce to its site. Read more about the features and functions below.

Features and Admin Functions

When a shopper checks out of an online store using their Addressya username, they receive a notification in the Addressya app that the business has requested access to their address information. This verification step ensures that the privacy of the user’s address is maintained. Once given access, the Addressya user’s address information appears in the backend of the WooCommerce admin panel. If an order needs to be processed manually from the admin panel, you can also input the customer’s Addressya username and their address will show after permission is given.

The plugin functionalities also allow for a simplified process of managing deliveries where the admin assigns drivers and shares the customer location with one step. The driver can access this on the Addressya Android app or web app using any browser and view directions that will take them right to the customer location. The result is a seamless process for the customer who is ordering online from checkout to delivery.