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Addressya’s CEO nominated for EIT Awards 2019

Jul 12, 2019 | Blog, News

Karoline Beronius, CEO of Addressya, has been nominated for the EIT Awards 2019, and selected together with other entrepreneurs who are tackling global challenges with ground-breaking innovations in the fields of climate, energy, digitalisation, food, health and raw materials. The finals will take place on the 14th October 2019.

Addressya team is thrilled to have received the recognition of a nomination for the EIT awards. It provides us with extra confidence that we are on the right way of solving one of the most pressing infrastructure challenges fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Addresses are needed for society to work, and for reaching the UN SDGs, in fact, at least 6 of the 17 goals depend on this infrastructure. 

4 billion people, numerous businesses, and government agencies around the world, suffer from the lack of adequate addresses and addressing infrastructure. Without an address, individuals cannot exercise their civil rights, get access to banking, insurance, or public and private goods and services. And, how do you explain to emergency services how to find you if an accident happens?

Business and government agencies are unable to be inclusive and reach all consumers and citizens with their goods and services, and they also suffer from high costs and inefficiencies.

This is what we want to change. We have developed Addressya, which is an app and a system that allows everyone to register a complete, precise and easy to use address and then share it with full control over their own personal data.

For businesses dependent on accurate addresses we provide a business solution that can easily be accessed from a mobile app, web interface or integrated with your own business solutions through our APIs.

We are in the process of testing our APIs in Rwanda and Uganda. If you are interested to know more please sign up for our newsletter for business users here

Or go straight to the developers portal  and sign up to create your own account.

And… if you think what we are doing is important, look out for the opportunity of voting for the public’s award. Links will be shared in September!

Read more about the award here.

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