Addressing for reunification in refugee situations

Sep 18, 2018 | All, Blog, Human Stories

Addressya meets Agnes Björn from Plan International and entrepreneur Johan Attby to explore opportunities for supporting reunification of displaced children and families with the use of Addressya addressing app.

After having been selected as one out of three winning teams of the SAS Scholarship in January, a lot has happened for Addressya.

Addressya was awarded the SAS Scholarship in January 2018.

As a reward Addressya was given the support of a mentor.

In our case this came to be Johan Attby, founder and CEO of Fishbrain, a social network for anglers with over 6 million members.

“We clicked with Johan straight away – he’s such a nice guy and so knowledgeable. Right away, when SAS said his name, I thought it was great and when we met him, we knew he was the perfect mentor for us”, says Karoline Beronius, CEO of Addressya.

Through Johan Attby, Addressya got in touch with Plan International, an NGO for children, in order to discuss scenarios in which problems that Plan International face can be solved with Addressya solution.

Plan International and addresses

Addressya met with Agnes Björn, head of Disaster Risk Management for Plan International, Sweden. She sees the importance and relevance of our product in giving children a formal identity, via addresses to access basic services, like health care.

Björn also considers the Addressya’s solution to have the possibility of reuniting children and parents, who were separated on the run.

In 2015 Björn was working in a refugee camp in Tanzania and recollects the story of a girl from Burundi, named Grace, who she met there. Grace came to the camp as an unattended minor. “Grace actually had an ID card but she didn’t have an address or know what part of the city she lived in […]. This made it impossible for us to go back and find her parents or relatives to see if any of them were alive. If her address had been registered in the system, we could have let her family know that Grace was okay and Plan International was looking after her”, Björn explains.

Given the current situation, with 130 million refugees all over the world, a number higher than it’s been since World War II, this has been an increasing problem.

Map Projects solution can, with an effective and simple approach, contribute to creating a safer and more secure environment for refugees both during and after they have fled.

“I would really like it if our system could help refugees when they have had to leave everything by shortening the time for them to prove their identity, reuniting them with their loved ones or getting back to how they lived before the crisis hit them”, CTO Maria Cheadle comments.

A cooperation between Plan International and Addressya would mean a milestone, not only for us on a personal level but also for the reunion of refugee families.

SAS’ magazine Scandinavian Traveller has published an article on Addressya, our mentor Johan Attby and our cooperation with Plan International in the current issue, September 2018. To read online version of Scandinavian Traveller, please click here.

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